Buddhist Psychotherapy Institute

The Palace of the Warrior

The idea for the creation of The Buddhist Psychotherapy Institute was born while attending a meditation retreat with Pema Chodron hosted by Northern California Shambhala in October 2010.

Pema spoke about the Shambhala tradition of seeing ourselves as Boddhisatva Warriors striving to develop great compassion within ourselves. She used the term, “creating a Palace of the Warrior.”

Envisioning a safe retreat for all of the Boddhisatva Warriors doing the difficult work of daily living with clarity and awareness was the seed of BPI’s development.

With humbleness and a tremendous gratitude to my spiritual & psychological teachers, I hold open the door of BPI with a sense of great compassion as we enter this work together.
                                                                                       -- Christie

Buddhist psychotherapy 

is the application of the principles of Buddhism toward the goals of psychotherapy.

Reducing suffering, cultivating compassion, acceptance of the current moment as it is, expanding our capacity for joy and improving our ability to relate to others are shared goals of Buddhism & psychotherapy. 
No previous knowledge of Buddhism necessary.